Monday, November 16, 2009

Time to Start

I took a writing class through UCSD entitled "Developing Characters" and it was a great class.  The teacher was very inspirational and encouraged all of us to WRITE.  I have a project that I started almost a year ago that has about 100 pages and I want to finish it, but working full time doesn't leave much time left for writing.  But, my New Year's Resolution (I'm trying to start a little early) is to finish this project before summer.  I hope that by starting this blog it will encourage me (and others with the same problem) to write.  I also hope that our readers will give us some constructive feedback.

I think that writing is like going on a diet - you need encouragment to stay with the program.  Hopefully we can all help to encourage each other by sticking with our writing and finishing these projects.

Good luck!

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